He has a work experience of over 20 years & has created over a 1000 statues in India. Earlier he used to use clay as a material in the process of sculpting but with years he shifted to other materials also like Bronze,Fibreglass,etc.

He is considered as the number one Artist in the district. Recently in 2018 he made the statues for Maharashtra's Governor's Parents from just one single Photograph which was not a real photo, it was a painted one. The work of Durga Puja of 2018 which he did of Sadar Para was the best in the district and was among the Top 20 in West Bengal. The most popular work of art created by Artist Rahul Deb Das is present in the Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University of Purulia. The work received a lot of positive review in and around West Bengal.